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AVR - AVR, a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller, mcu related sites    

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AVR, a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller, mcu related sites




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   Alberto Ricci Bitti's electronic designs Preview Go
Award-winning designs and articles with schematics and source code, using PIC, AVR, and Basic Stamp, **PLUS** Code snippets and mind-provoking ideas for the active electronics experimenter
   AVR Embedded Microcontroller Resources Preview Go
My site contains links to many AVR resources including development tools, sample code, and project ideas. Also included are some of my own examples and ideas.
   CARACA: CAN Remote Automation and Control with the AVR Preview Go
CARACA is a home automation project based on a net of interconnected programmable circuits suited to perform different tasks like switch on/off appliances, decode commands from Ir remote control units, control thermostats, measure temperature and more. Every node of the net communicate%

   ibrt AVR page Preview Go
some pages on AVR ASM, tiny but growing
   kreatives-chaos.com Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Auf meiner Seite gibt es Informationen rund um Robotik und Elektronik. Im Moment arbeite ich an einem Modulsystem für Roboter, das eine verteilte Steuerung ermöglich und so enorme Ressourcen für eine Intelligente Handlungsweise des Roboters bietet. Viel Spass beim Stöbern in den Seiten....
   Tutorial for learning AVR asm in german and englis Preview 2 review(s) — Go
Learning AVR assembler language with practical examples in german and in english language, complete instruction set discussion, including small applications, etc., by Gerhard Schmidt
   Philippe AVR page Preview Go
AVR projects and related infos (including an AVR programer) of Philippe Jiwan, Bruxelles, Belgium
   FREE AVR Interface circuits & sample C programs ! Preview Go
C Compilers for AVR, PIC, 8052 & 68HC11 and in-circuit programmers, numerous FREE sample Circuits & sample C program examples.
   optiCompo Electronics - Atmel Mega Boards etc. Preview Go
We produce Atmel AVR development tools and modules, e.g. AVR based TCP/IP modules, ATmega128 microboards, STK300 compatible ISP and much more.
   Home Build PLC Preview Go
An attempt to build a PLC.

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