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Palladium Web Ring - The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Play

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Palladium Web Ring

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Manager: lord_nightfall
The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Playing Games. This includes games ranging from Palladium Fantasy RPG® to Nightbane(TM) to RIFTS® and any games in between! If you have a well done Palladium® related site, please join the Ring.

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   The Last Chance Rifts Page Preview Go
This site is a showcase for new NPCs, OCCs, RCCs, monsters, weapons and source material created by a small group of Rifts gamers based in Brooklyn, NY.
   Zarley Mecha Technologies Preview Go
A fan fic site with original designs and some from your Palladium friends. The Macross 3 Campaign rules and we love to create mecha for any RPG.
   Sakerson's RPG Page Preview Go
Site dedicated to Greyhawk and Rifts (including house rules and new gear).

   Sarcastro747's Homepage Extravaganza! Preview Go
This site contains a variety of RPG related items. There are numerous quotes and summaries from my gaming group's adventures, several homespun creations for Nightspawn/Bane, and some fanfic for Rifts. Check it out.
   The House of Vaugn Preview Go
The Empire (Star Wars) meets Rifts Earth.
   Aslinn's Rift's Page Preview Go
Well I make interesting monsters like huggles and stuff and I have an ever growing spell book I hope to get more up as time goes on.
   Famine's Dimensional Pocket Preview Go
Power Armor galore, with pictures to go with them
   Cypherion's Realm Preview Go
Contains basically a new world netbook on Rifts earth after Prosek's Campaign of Unity from CWC. A lot of info and tech can be used during and before the campaign, but most of this was stuff I've created and used in my games.
   Amber, Rifts, and RPG's Preview Go
Dedicated to RPG's. Has stuff on Rifts and Amber Diceless RPG, and other RPG's if they catch my attention.
   Area 52 Preview Go
A place for chatting, posting, and reading about Rifts or anything else!

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