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Burning Man Official WebRing -   WELCOME!?!? To the Official Burning Man WebRing!! Said person does not go to Burning Man! Said head makes a wande

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Burning Man Official WebRing

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Manager: lori4him2

WELCOME!?!? To the Official Burning Man WebRing!!

Said person does not "go" to Burning Man! Said head makes a wander to the place of fire where all things exist only to be experienced, enjoyed, and eventually burned!!

The "Ring of Fire is your ticket to a wander of the camps, art?, characters, my sister-in-law, and the strange brew of stuff that is Black Rock City!!

This ring although a wonderful rememberence of said event is but a poor substitute for the poor soul that will have to but wonder about the wander that is BURNING MAN!!!

Miss Tress Lori Indestress, ring owner and tender of the cooling embers!


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   BRC Independence and the ePlaya fireback group Preview Go
A yahoogroup and a googlegroup in tandem, for those who'd like to create their own events that get back to more of what Burning Man used to be about, returning the focus to the art.
   An Unofficial Politically Incorrect Burning Man List Preview Go
Our list offers a friendly, civil place for Political Conservatives and Moderates, and other Republican-friendly people in the Burning Man community can meet.
   New York Burning Man Freelist Preview Go
A list for burners living in or near New York City. This list is run largely by benign neglect - we just make a token effort to weed out the spam. What it does or does not become is left up to the membership.

   The Unofficial Midwestern Burning Man Rideboard Preview Go
For people who want rides or to take on riders to go to the Burning Man Festival (who will be passing through the Central and Great Plains states on their way) or are headed to similar events held in our region (regional and backyard burns). Arranging rides, talking about destinations and experiences along the way.
   Open Letters / The Green Tortoise Preview Go
Should be viewed using Firefox. I'll explain why on the site. / In response to comments about my report of my trip to Burning Man 2001 with the Green Tortoise: Would one not agree that breach of contract is wrong? How about, leaving a paying customer begging for food in the middle of a desert? Supported by at least one member of BMORG, somebody defended this on ePlaya, basing his defense in part on the fact that the victim was disabled! Here's that disabled person's response.
   Burning Man Opera Preview Go
In the early years of BM the burning of Pepe Ozan's Tower sculpture Friday night was, after the Man, the most central unifying event of BM. Opera Camp continues, as a base camp for Pepe's and others' sculptures and as a teaching camp for music, including Balinese Kecak and Tuvan throat-singing. The website includes pictures and stories going back many years, including st
   Larn's Place Preview Go
   Orange & Blue - camp@BRC 2002 Preview Go
Come to our camp@BRC 2002 and receive Blue and Orange you DESERVE. BYOC.
   eMotion at Burning Man Preview Go
eMotion Camp's tales of Burning Man 1997, in words and pictures.
   The Chooch Page Preview Go
A Santa Cruz California BurningMan website dedicated to the good folks of Choochniaithrtzsheominia.

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