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The World's Greatest Books! - One of the oldest WebRings, our mission is to foster reading of the World's Greatest Books. Anyone interested in the Gr

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The World's Greatest Books!

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One of the oldest WebRings, our mission is to foster reading of the World's Greatest Books. Anyone interested in the Great Books can find what they need by following the World's Greatest Books WebRing. Good reading to all!


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   Homepage for Dharmajim's Sutra Salon Preview Go
This is where Dharmajim gets to talk about his favorite subject: the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Dharmajim’s Buddhist journey is typical for a westerner. He studied in Zen, Theravada, Dzog Chen, and Nichiren Buddhism. Dharmajim has practiced as a monastic & as a layperson. He has served as Abbot of a Temple & a Prison Chaplain. The writings here reflect the multifaceted nature of his journey.
   The Crown of Anavrea Preview Go
Come and enjoy free romantic novellas and articles by Rachel Rossano, author of The Crown of Anavrea.
   Tales of the Immortal Night Preview Go
Tales of the Immortal Night: the Greek Myths of the Constellations and Photographs of the Galaxies takes you on a magical odyssey of the cosmos. With the epic sagas of ancient Greece and tours of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs, your relationship to the night sky will be transformed forever.

   The Egyptian Book of the Dead Preview Go
This wonderful new translation of the classic, "Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead" translated by Normandi Ellis, is perhaps the most inspirational spiritual writing I have ever encountered. What is unique about her approach is that she puts this ancient language of nouns into the first person singular: I am. I am the stars & the moon & the sun... thus causing one's heart to soar into the heavens!
   Henry Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio Preview Go
Completed transcription of all 88 Counties in Ohio including the introductory chapters. This book contains accounts of Ohio's pioneers, descriptions of pioneer life, and contains the names of Ohio politicans and public officials at the time of the publication -- 1888. Site is searchable and has a registry for those who have ancestor's mentioned in this book.

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