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Cavies Cavies & More Cavies - Cavy breeders, lovers of this tiny furry animal. Children who have pet guinea pigs. Anyone with the love of guinea pigs

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Cavies Cavies & More Cavies

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Manager: silverpossum
Cavy breeders, lovers of this tiny furry animal. Children who have pet guinea pigs. Anyone with the love of guinea pigs or small furry critters & pages must be safe for children.


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   Dynasty Caviary Preview Go
"Cavies of Imperial Distinction" Our main focus is raising registerable Himalayan Peruvians & Teddies bred to the Standard Of Perfection. We also have the occasional Himalayan Silkie & Coronet. We are pleased to announce the arrival of the first Lunkaryas that will be used to create the Himalayan Variety of this newest arrival!
   Piggieville Preview Go
This site is dedicated to our two Guinea Pigs Dancer and Sonny. Site includes many pictures. Remember to sign our GuestBook!!
   CavyKingdom Preview Go
My site is devoted to cavies. On it there's many things to do, as well as learn. You can vote, ask questions, submit your name to the breeder list, sign a cavy slambook, and much, MUCH more!

   Welcome to Celebrity Cavies of Monroe, Michigan Preview Go
We hope you enjoy our animals as much as we do. We raise Coronets, Peruvian Satins, Americans, Texels, Teddies, and Peruvians. We also raise shaded varieties of Netherland Dwarf rabbits.
   Casmaran Skinnypigs and other cavies Preview Go
Skinnypigs (hairless guinea pigs) for sale. Texels for sale. Breeding information and genetic information. Cuy in Peru.
   Furry Friends Exotic Pets Preview Go
Exotic Pet breeder of a variety of animals including Cavies, Sugar Gliders, Degus, African Dormice, Chinchillas, Pedigreed Holland Lops, Pedigreed American Fuzzy Lops and TICA reg'd Ragdolls.
   Cheyjohn Caviary Preview Go
Cheyjohn Caviary: Peruvians, Silkies, Coronets, Texels. Satins too.
   Sheryl's Guinea Pig Page Preview Go
Pigtures of Speedie and Patty, Fluffy's Adventures in Hawaii - a fanciful tale of our guinea pig puppet guest from the Great Guinea Pig Relay, Guinea Pig Message Board, some of the GPDD Virtual Hawaii event of Aug. 2000, Adventures of Seņor Pig, and more!
   Super Guinea Pigs Preview Go
Super Guinea Pigs includes, links, pictures of various guinea pigs, how to care for your pig, a diary and more!
   Our fat rats Preview Go
Just pictures right now - of our class pet guinea pigs - Snickers, Oreo and Hershey

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