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Hatshepsut - Sites about ancient Egypt and related places and periods in time.

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Sites about ancient Egypt and related places and periods in time.


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   Spiral and Joker's Road Tales Preview Go
Enter a world of many different adventure's around every turn!! Everything you could possibly want Angels. Herbs.Goddess's Path tofind the Goddess in each and everyone of you... Also a romantic travel nursing journal
   Library of the Queen Preview Go
A site about Ancient Egyptian Literature, dedicated to the 11th dynasty queen Neferukayt. Lots of stories, poems, hymns, instructions of wiesedom and stuff!
   Priestess Het Heru Preview Go
Site focus: tapping into the GODDESS within and HER ancient wisdom. Highlights spirituality issues pertaining to divine sexuality, sensuality, creativity, joy, wealth, health, healing, prosperity and abundance. Provides the "wisdom tools" needed to release blockages that stop us from experiencing our natural birthright.

   ~Goddess Bastet's Temple~ Preview Go
~This site is about the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet. It has information about Ancient Egypt, especially their gods and goddesses. It is also a page about cats in general.~
   Egypt During the reign of Akhenaton Preview Go
Pages with information on the individuals involved in the reign of Akhenaton.
   AfriGoddess Preview Go
AfriGoddess is Konte of Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Dogon, of Mali. She is Yemaya and Osun of the Yoruba of Nigeria. She is Dansuya of the Akan of Ghana. She is Auset, Het-Heru, and Bast of the Khemetan Medu Neter. She is Voodoun, Lukumi, Cadomble, Macumba, Beah, Santeria and every Afrikan-centered spiritual cultural energy both thought of and incomprehensible.
   The Lotus and The Ankh Preview Go
Non commercial Temple site dedicated to the Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Contains scholarly links as well as pagan oriented links. Visually rich and suitable viewing for young persons. Site designed as a teaching venue, contains some original Ritual writings. Under constant construction for addit
   The Pyramidal Chasm Preview Go
A look at the Spirituality of the Ancient Egyptians, and especially the Goddesses. Includes things like the Book of the Dead and Mummification....
   The Darkside of Raventales Preview Go
Art and poetry from the deepest parts of the female soul.
   the Secret Realm Preview Go
a small page on the fab cartoon MUMMIES ALIVE

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