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.:Industrial, Gothic & Punk Music:. - This ring is part of the Gothic Unity Network. It helps to promote industrial, gothic and punk music. ANYONE with a webs

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.:Industrial, Gothic & Punk Music:.

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Manager: lilithezine
This ring is part of the Gothic Unity Network. It helps to promote industrial, gothic and punk music. ANYONE with a website related to gothic, industrial or punk music may join however. :) [This Ring is a member of the Gothic Unity Network]

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   Industrial Music Misspellings Preview Go
Whether you are looking for true old-school grittiness from bands like Throbbing Gristle and Non, classic Electro-Industrial like Skinny Puppy or Clock DVA, straight-up EBM from bands like Nitzer Ebb or Bigod 20, aggro-industrial, noise and coldwave, or even modern day futurepop, you are sure to find a deal if you can find it misspelled on Ebay.
   International Gothic Metal Preview Go
Site discusses the underlying spirituality of Gothic metal. Apporopriate for people who like Gorgoroth, Rammstein, Immortal, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot, Deathstars, Godsmack, Manowar, Hammerfall, Blutengel, Nox Arcana, Epica, Therion. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   a bluegreen dream Preview Go
an experimental, usually electronic project in houston, w/ guitar on some of the songs. could be described as "industrial" but the songs tend to vary greatly in style according to mood so i don't want to pin a genre on it. influences include: skinny puppy melvins ministry dead kennedys nin tool aphex twin pink floyd the doors pigface david bowie my life w/ the thrill kill kult nirvana butthole surfers r.a.t%

   That's Soooo Chinky! Preview Go
Whats that word? Whats it mean?
   The Gothic eZine Preview Go
Articles about Gothic fashion, art, dance, music and culture.
   The Lilith Gallery Network Webrings Preview Go
Promote your site for free in LGN Webrings.
   Stefanie Lynn Evans at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Her work could be described as gothic, surreal and sometimes twisted. Even a little depressing if it was not so cute and funny. She even did a cyborgian version of barbie, a homage to H. R. Giger. She cites John William Waterhouse, Salvador Dali, Michael Parkes, Clive Barker, and Tim Burton as her influences.
   Gothica Gothique - The Emporium Gothica Preview Go
Not your typical Goth Blog, but it's always good to try new things! Musically we cover everything from Machine Gun Fellatio to Mozart, and in addition to posts about the craziest fashions and the best music, you'll read book reviews, historical tidbits, art information and other topics that fit into a general theme of Gothicality.
   Grrl Power Music Preview Go
A directory listing of musicians who make feminist/girl power music plus free sample mp3s.
The manifesto of the Neo-Gothic Art Movement (revised).

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